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NJPA’s multi-media press release service

As an owner-partner among seven (7) state press associations and 17 other participating state press associations, NJPA is pleased to provide New Jersey organizations and companies a most outstanding digital press release creation and distribution platform.

One click away at www.PRMediaRelease.com/New-Jersey, our service provides the creation and distribution of affordable, state-of-the-art, and highly searchable, multimedia press releases. The platform is designed to provide your audience, especially multi-tasking news editors, your story and its multimedia assets – seamlessly presented on a gorgeous dashboard for efficient use – using any device.

Additionally, our unique concept – a “press release service truly powered by The Press” – also results in a level of news media distribution unmatched in depth, breadth, and accuracy, across all platforms, reaching NJPA members and non-members alike. Press associations are in this business together full-throttle on behalf of our member news-organizations. We appreciate this as a vital opportunity and responsibility to provide a sustained, and highly-valued professional service.

Check out the NJ news media distribution list here.

As such, we are uniquely committed to a business model that financially benefits directly each state’s local news industry. After all, each state press association, including NJPA, is a trade association owned and operated by its member news organizations; large and small.

Our patented platform makes it easy to prepare and deliver pub-ready press releases with loads of available features including:

● Text, documents and photos (no word limits)
● Web links and attachments
● Mobile-friendly, device agnostic viewing
● Integration of live social media feeds
● Live cyber-window embedded in the release providing users immediate, real-time exposure to the web page-destination of choice, e.g., homepage, or more targeted uses such as for event registrations, donations, or targeted promotions, etc.
● Shortened URL for social media postings and targeted emails

To learn more or to get started, visit NJPA’s www.PRMediaRelease.com/New-Jersey.

If you have questions, please contact Peggy Stephan Arbitell, Business Manager, ext. 14 parbitell@njpa.org .

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